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Rectangular Duct

Rectangular and Square duct has earned its place in traditional HVAC. Modern, automated fabrication of square and rectangular duct means low lead-time and great pricing, while rectangular duct offers the highest air carrying capacity for any given width and height of application.

We have the state of art equipment to fabricate rectangular duct affordably and of the highest quality standards. Our machinery enables us to fabricate and assemble approx 1000 sqmt of rectangular duct in a day.

Western airducts is there for you for any custom fabrication with all the duct support, duct reinforcement, and duct connectors needed for your job. Ductwork and fittings can be with beading or without beading in 1160 mm with connections such as S & D and TDF. Accessories, such as TDF Cleats, gaskets, nuts and bolts, will be supplied for all duct work at the customer’s request.


IS / SMACNA Standards
All rectangular duct and fittings are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized steel in gauges that meet or exceed SMACNA standards for rectangular ducts for the appropriate connection types listed.

Advantages of Rectangular Duct

  • Able to accommodate any transition and fitting with ease.
  • Multiple Connections: Slip & Drive, MS Flanged, Slip on Flanged, TDF or Welded
  • Highest air carrying capacity for any given width and height of application
  • Cut from sheet metal stock with ease for a low lead time
  • Automated Design-to-Coil-Line AutoCAD eliminates labor intensive manual drafting.
  • Often the best choice where physical space limitations are a prime consideration.

Transverse Duct Flange is a 4 bolt duct connection system that eliminates time and waste,Rather than using separate connectors to assemble your system, TDF flanges are rollformed onto duct during the manufacturing process. This connection minimizes leakage and installation costs. They can be made of galvanized steel (26 G to 18 G),Stainless Steel (26 G& 24 G) , or aluminum (22 G to 18 G). They are available in standard lengths of 1.16 meter or any other length on demand.

We manufacture the slip and drive connectors ,to meet your specifications. Connectors can be shipped cut-to-length at your request to minimize field assembly time.

Our ducts shall be reinforced with internal tie rods or external angle iron in accordance with IS / SMACNA standards or per your specifications.

We shall ship ductwork with any of the above options to your jobsite knocked down. Upon request, we will assemble your ductwork prior to shipment for an additional charge.

Plenums can be custom fabricated to meet most any insulation requirement and delivery schedule.We shall manufacture, Diffuser Plenum Boxes, Spill Air Boxes & Cross Talk Silencer as per the request.


Three Way
Angled Branch + Plate
Angled Grille Box
Angled Taper
Double Offset
Twin Segment
Grille Box + Round Collar
Grille Box (Multiple Entry)
Mitred Offset
Radius Bend - 0 deg
Radius Bend
Radius Double Offset
Reducing Bend
Side Branch
Square Bend
Straight + Branches
Straight + Shoes
Taper - Equal
Taper - Offset
Tee Piece
Trouser Piece
Twin Roof Hood

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