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Spiral Oval Duct

WAD Spiral Oval Duct is fabricated from steel strips helicoidically wound and seamed with a four ply lockseam, which gives the pipe added rigidity. Oval duct will fit in spaces where there is not enough room for round, yet it is joined using the same techniques of round duct assembly. It can be joined using slip couplings with sealer providing a tight joint. In larger sizes or in the case of high aspect ratios flanged joints may be used.Spiral oval duct, which is machine manufactured from round spiral lockseam duct is available in varying sizes and aspect ratios. Sizes not available in spiral can be fabricated from longseam.


Couplings / Flanges conform to all specifications of the SMACNA 2005 3rd edition manual, WAD's spiral Ducts will meet or exceed the gauges listed in the SMACNA 2005, 3rd edition manual.


Height of the the duct varies from 150 MM to 500 MM for different Widths. For further details please refer our On Line Catalog.

Advantages of Spiral Oval Duct

  • Spiral Flat oval duct is the combination of design from round ducts and rectangular Ducts which provide benefits of less friction loss and space limitations in some installation areas where by space is restricted.
  • The Installation space taken up by Spiral flat Oval Duct is similar to that of Rectangular Duct. Accessories for Spiral Flat Oval ducts are manufactured precisely to ensure all joints fit perfectly to avoid air leakage.
  • Spiral flat oval duct adds good asthetic appeal for interior and designing thus saving on wrap insulation and labor.
  • Slip-fit connections eliminate labor intensive bolts and clips and 3 mtr lengths reduce the number of field joints facilitating faster installation. Less reinforcement required due to smaller major axis.


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