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Welded Duct

When designing or installing new ductwork in an existing building, the system may not achieve the touted efficiency or performance levels, if the delivery system has issues. Standard size ductwork probably may not satisfy the unique conditions of your project. If the ducts are too big or too small, they would not circulate air efficiently compromising the work of cooling and heating equipment. Trying to shoehorn non-custom-made ductwork into certain spaces can be overly conspicuous and unsightly.

At Western Airducts, we believe in providing Customised ductwork solutions that:
  • Fits your project and HVAC system requirements avoiding unsightly appearance.
  • Adapts to your situation with regard to optimal performance, efficiency and appearance.
  • Makes sure you get the best mileage out of your investment over the long haul with our custom made ducts.
  • Pre assemble even large / Complex structures before it leaves our facility to aid easy fit-up at site.


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